Spring 2019 Projects

The following links provide access to the projects’ final websites and video prototypes.

  • Artistry - Reimagining the art of collaboration.
  • BetterTogether - With us you can find your people.
  • Brainstorm - Student collaboration through an educational dialogue.
  • Forage - Waste less, together.  🏆 Best Poster Presentation Award! 
  • GlowUp - Your path to clearer skin and a brighter smile!  🏆 Class Choice Award! 
  • iZone - Your dance studio at home.
  • Locality - Search for and share stories about the places you love.
  • MedAware - Understand your medications. Never miss a dose.
  • Rejoy - Give your goods a second life.
  • TasteBud - Enhancing your dining experience.